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Peace and Happiness is a live 1 day event designed to help you gain emotional and mental breakthroughs and see how accessible being happy and peaceful can, and is. Think of an all day class that’s all about You and is all for You.  Learn more about how you can live by design and find happiness and peace throughout all areas of your life.
Peace and Happiness are the 2 most sought out goals for all of us!
If you ever stop and ask people, ‘What do you want in life?’ they often answer, ‘I just want to be happy!’

Yes, we may have a variety of multiple
personal goals and outcomes we seek
yet underneath it all is we are looking
to be happy.

At the other spectrum we have so
much chaos in our world today that we are
riddled with extreme amounts of people trying
to manage anxiety, frustration, stress, anger,
and of course who has not heard of depression!!
For this population they could care less
about being happy they simply want PEACE!!

Here is where the biggest misconception comes, …oh I’m fine, I’m happy! I’m at peace! Really, this in itself is usually a defense mechanism to be numb, to avoid dealing with ourselves and instead we distract ourselves, make believe we are happy and at peace by getting to the next party! The next Holiday, vacation, or purchase! Yes, we mask our true being with all sorts of goals, kidding ourselves that when we drop the weight, get the promotion, buy the house, the car, get married, the list is endless that then we will be truly happy! Instead of being happy and at peace NOW you avoid living the present with this hope that sometime in the future you will get there!

If you are holding grudges, people you don’t even want to hear their name, if you are easily cranky or irritated trust me when I say it is not outer people or situations that are causing these feelings.


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I often say you will not squeeze a lemon and get orange juice, you will get lemon juice!

What surfaces in us is what lies within not to be put on others or things! It is when you decide to uncover what truly lies within that you can be freed and truly liberated to create a life you LOVE!!

Yes, that’s right this is not a workshop because their is something wrong with you, that is the biggest misconception as to why people avoid seminars, forums, workshops or anything that has to do with building the self! It’s understandable some of the work out there is a funnel to have you enroll others and make you a recruiter for them! This is far from that, this instead is an 8 hour workshop where all of our participants are elated to gain beneficial and life building insights, it’s about YOU and for you.

No, you will not come out all motivated and pumped out with energy, this is not a hype show!
You will come out gaining access to your power and with a lot of CLARITY and CERTAINTY that the biggest obstacle in creating a life you love has been YOU!! YOU will gain hindsight that will EMPOWER you to realize that you can and that you have been creating your life thus far!

Since you are the creator of your life you will gain education on how you can live by design! Maybe there were lots of things you already love yet truth be told we all can always grow and gain from educating our minds. The number 1 thing people have expressed is being in AWE, sheer wonder at how much they thought they knew about themselves and how life was playing out only to realize their is so much we have been blind to!

Yes in this workshop you will gain valuable hindsight, remove obscurity in what seems to be limiting you.

You will acquire forgiveness for people you thought you never could forgive and forgiveness of the self! Many ask, forgive myself? Yet here you will realize how much you have been badgering yourself resulting in a lack of vitality and energy! Every one says, ‘let go, forgive’…yet they fail to tell us HOW!!! Here you will start on the road to knowing how!

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Frequently asked questions:

What is it exactly?
It is a 8 hour class where we use different modalities, exercises, conversations to gain emotional and mental breakthroughs for our personal gain in releasing things that do not serve us and see how accessible being happy and peaceful can and is. Think an all day class where you will have different activities and be grateful you came. 

What makes this workshop different than others?
It’s fast and easy, 8 hours with meals served VS. traditional 3 to 5 day seminars that go from early am to late pm hours. We know their is only so much you can take any given day so why force or cram it while depleting your energy. No asking you to recruit or making you feel like you have to get your friends and family in here. The fact that you will want to is a personal choice not a scripted or implied action.

How many people attend?
It is our goal to be able to cater to small groups, it allows us to better equip attendees and create a more personalized attention experience. Most events like these seek 100’s to 1000’s of people, Raquel feels many get lost in that type of setting. This is why she has set the goal of 100 maximum, allowing 10 tables of 10 people per table allowing her to get around and connect. Currently we are half way to meeting this goal, our current workshop will be maxed out at 50 people so come enjoy while its easy to get questions in, as we grow future workshops will be double in size, though small compared to others out there, much larger than this one in March 18, 2017

How much does it cost?
It is $159.  This includes your meal and snacks throughout the day.

Will there be a lunch break?
Your admission includes two snacks and lunch. This is a great deal as most workshops like these range in the $500 to $1,000’s in cost without the little perks we have carefully crafted for you.

What do I need?
We ask that you dress comfortably and only times to bring are a clean journal, writing props like pens or pencils. If you have a yoga mat, bring this for the meditation done a the end of the day. A side from this bring an open mind and heart to be on the road to creating a life you live by design.

Who leads this program/workshop?
Raquel Veisaga is founder and creator of Body Rituals Studio in Upland since 2005. She is a trained and experienced guide when it comes to acquiring mental and emotional growth! She knows and believes that everyone is powerful and it is her upmost desire to help as many attain self mastery in their happiness and peace, and self acceptance. She has through the years attended and studied across the Nation different variety of programs and mentored by many greats to put together this workshop that is NOW changing lives in big ways! Through the years Raquel has helped thousands acquire their power and strength and she is now bringing her message in a group setting, working the past decade on a one on one approach has been very rewarding yet she is now ready to spread PEACE & HAPPINESS by the tens of thousands! She cannot change any world but her own, she understand she can’t change your world either, however she is very clear that you can change yours! She understands that we simply where not taught some key skills that when applied give us insurmountable power! It is her PASSION to spread these skills to as many that seek the power of creating lives they LOVE.
We are very excited for this upcoming workshop, we have seen and continue to receive positive feedback that these workshops create for people and we are inspired to spread peace and happiness to as many as we can! Look you may have doubts, concerns, reasons/excuses as to why you can’t let me assure you a huge part of it is all linked to fear! Rise above your fears, crush your excuses and do something for you! Something that will ignite and build you in empowerment! All of the best athletes, business, educational, performers get training to assist them in getting leverage, if you have never attended or haven’t done a training in a while think why am I not expanding my mindset? If life is our thoughts wouldn’t you want to make sure that even your subconscious thoughts match your conscious goal energy? Truth is that scientifically it has been researched that by the time we are 35 we are just a routine of feelings and thoughts, after 35 very few will ever really experience all life has to offer! If you refuse to have that be you, if you are committed to experience more energy, more love, more happiness, and more peace than get out of your way and commit.


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We say a start because anyone that tells you, you can achieve that from one course, one day, is telling you a hook, a story! It takes work however after this workshop you gain so much tools that you are able to create lasting healing and change that will continue to ripple through your life as you will gain knowledge in how human behavior works and why we do what we do!

Many of our participants experience an increase and for some instantaneous healing in relationships with loved ones and most importantly with the self! Why do we say most important is being loving to yourself?  Because how you relate to yourself is how you relate to others, our relationships with others is simply an extension of the relationship we have within ourselves!
The day flies as we often hear, we laugh, we cry, we stay silent yet we all get access to the power we have in finding peace and happiness! Of course there is the attendees that are mainly observing, not into talking yet they too get large amounts of insights, they usually are the ones that write me after to express how much and all they got from the workshop!
Whether you are shy or loud, we have the art to make everyone feel comfortable to participate or isolate as much as
you like, at the end everyone gets what they are suppose to get!
Final question:

Are you ready to be freed from excess worry, frustration, limiting beliefs, and instead acquire skills in ways of thinking, feeling, and being that can assist you in building a life that brings you peace and happiness?

If the answer is yes click here and reserve your spot!! The location is limited in occupancy so decide to take ownership in your happiness and resv today  

Complaining, blaming, faulting others will be very hard to do after this event,
you will realize that to resort to that you are giving away your power and therefore limiting your ability to create what you want in and out of life.  By this point you are probably thinking whoa this is deep! YES, this is not a sales style approach, let’s get you in, rather this is for those that truly are ready to change their life towards the road to real PEACE and HAPPINESS!

Real talk, real work!

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