6 Things All Olympians Do Keys to your Personal Olympian Success

Aug 18th, 2016

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6 Things All Olympians Do Keys to your Personal Olympian Success

The world’s best athletes have all come together to compete in this year’s Olympics.

The entire planet’s gaze is currently locked in on Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Athletes, from every country imaginable, are living out their (childhood) dream of competing at the highest level; to be named an Olympian…the ultimate prize.

After watching several of the Olympic trials, heats, and games, I began to take notice of certain things all of the competitors did. All Olympians, regardless of home nation or event, demonstrated these similarities time and time again. Not a single Olympian failed to do these 6 things. These 6 things are the keys to their success, and could also be the keys to yours (Olympian or not).

6 Things All Olympians Do: Keys to your Personal Olympian Success

1) Decide to Be the very Best YOU Can Be

Every Olympian’s journey begins with a single decision. In order to be successful in any area of life, you must first…DECIDE. Make the decision, to go for it. Understand, it won’t be easy, but remember, it’s what YOU want.

2) Keep your Eyes on the Prize

Once a person decides on the goal of becoming an Olympian…the real journey begins. For many future Olympians, “the decision” comes very early on in life. This means it could be years or even decades before the goal can even be achieved. In order to complete the seemingly life-long journey to Olympic success, one will need laser-like focus. There will often be days, situations, and/or events that can deter you from achieving Olympian success. Don’t relent, keep your eyes on the prize and success will surely be yours.

3) No One Makes it to the Olympics Alone

Believe it or not, Olympic-sized success, is a team effort. Not a single competitor in today’s Olympics got there on their own. All of them, are coached…I repeat, all of them are coached. Most of them are even trained by an entire team of coaches; strategists, strength and conditioning, technique, etc. If the very best in the world can not accomplish their goals without a team of coaches to propel them, how much more do we need coaching to achieve our goals?

4) Your Daily Rituals Determine your Daily Success

Excellence is an art won by training and habituation…We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit. – Aristotle. To be the best you must train like the best. Every Olympian, in every event, have very specific and predetermined daily rituals. Their rituals include the what, when, why and how to reach their peak physical and mental performance. To be the best you can be, you must train like the best that you can be. What are you doing daily to achieve your goals? Are your daily rituals propelling you to towards your (Olympian) highest level of success and excellence?

5) Be Kind to Yourself, You’re All You Got

After every victory, whether it be in a qualifying round or medal round, the victor(s) is usually interviewed and asked, how they will spend the rest of the day or evening after their event. All of them, have a similar reply,…going to rest and eat something, and get ready for the next round. When all Olympians share something in common, it’s worth noting. In order for your mind and body to perform at peak performance levels, day in and day out, you must take proper care of yourself. Proper care, can be summed up in one word – Recovery. How much rest is enough rest? If I eat this, will this improve or harm my upcoming performance? Should I take a nap? Listen to your body, it’s the only one you have. For the record, yes, Olympians take naps (quite often, actually).

6) Finish the Race

Some of the most memorable moments, from past and present Olympics, happen when adversity is at its highest peak. When injuries or setbacks occur, rather than quit or give up, Olympians choose to finish the race. The Olympics really aren’t about competing against one another to prove who are the best athletes or best nations. Ultimately, the Olympics are about competing against ourselves to prove we are the best we could be. Anytime you choose to finish the race, whether that be an actually race, daily workout, or anything else you’ve set your mind to, you win your own personal Olympic competition.

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