My First SoundBath Experience

Oct 20th, 2016

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My First SoundBath Experience

My First Soundbath Experience

As our yoga class was winding down, the new instructor had us all lay out in savasana. savasana-11th-semiThe session had been a little tough (for me), so I was looking forward to the cool down sesh. As I tried to clear my mind and relax, a low, deep hum began to resonate throughout the room. The vibrations got louder and louder as the soundbath began to wash waves of sound over the group. As the waves became louder they became deeper.

It felt like they were penetrating every cell in my mind, body, and even soul.

The neurons in my brain began to fire all-at-once and in all directions. A million thoughts began to spring up.neurons firing in the brain It was as if my mind knew what was coming and it was not going down without a fight! However, almost instantly, the waves immersed me in a sea of sound. My mind had no choice but to surrender…silence

The muscle fatigue I had felt from the yoga class, seemingly disappeared…silence

Did I just unplug?

Was I able to achieve silence in the midst of all of this “noise”? Silence amidst the chatter in my head. The thoughts disappeared almost as quickly as they had appeared.

I was “in”. Space and time drifted away.

Only this moment remained, right here right now.

Most of the time our brains operate on Beta waves. During the sound bath, our brains flow into Theta and Alpha waves. This is where all the magic happens and deeper healings can occur. brain hemispheresScientifically, the sounds relax our nervous system and our left brain (the logical side) unplugs, silencing all the ‘voices’ in our heads. As a result, our right brain activity is now stimulated (the creative, intuitive side).

I feel like I’m getting a massage, from head-to-toe, inside-and-out. My final thought before I drift off (into eternity) – the waves are washing over me like waves washing over sand on a beach.

I’m falling further into a deep state somewhere between meditation and sleep. It definitely felt much more like the latter, but I was entirely conscious (I think) and could hear every sound and feel every vibration throughout my entire being. It felt like even the tips of my hair were pulsating.

Words can not describe the strange familiarity and connection I felt to these cosmic vibrations. diving through the cosmos
The sounds themselves seemed old, ancient even as if they have been around since the beginning of time.

I felt like I was drifting in a dream. Simultaneously conscious but not, awake yet asleep. Hours seemed to have passed by, but the entire experience lasted a little less than 20 minutes. Time stood still, carving out a little slice of paradise, for us all to enjoy.

Hours later, I could still feel the vibrations. The waves weren’t done working their magic. In the following weeks my clarity and focus increased. Even to this day, every now-and-again, I could still feel a little tingle in my teeth.​

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