Club Challenges

Body Rituals studio is home to those who look to conquer their health, their fitness…their life. Our mission is to empower you to play BIG. We have created an environment where your inner child can come out in play…play BIGGER than you ever thought possible. We are a haven where challenges and excuses are crushed DAILY.

Lotus Club Challenges 21/90

New members, your challenge is to attend 21 classes in 90 days. Transform yourself with a renewed state of mind, and turn working out into a lifestyle! Conquer this goal and receive an official Lotus Club Signature BodyRituals tee or t-shirt.

Diamond Club Challenge

Cutting, trimming, leaning out the body to it’s desired state. BodyRituals will pro-
vide the necessary pressure and challenge to change your body. This challenge is to attend 100 classes between October 2012 to our 8th year anniversary April 2013! This is an average atten- dance of 3.5 visits a week, the NEW minimum recommended physical activity to be healthy! If you progress 1% in every class, in a hundred visits (April 2013) you will be 100% STRONGER, LEANER, AND HEALTHIER. At the completion of this challenge we will roll out the RED CARPET for you and you will receive a red BodyRituals Yoga Mat!

Titanium Club Challenge

The journey of fitness is not a race, but a lifelong marathon. Complete 500 visits and become part of the club where working out is not something we do it’s who we are…strong and dedicated! When you have reached this milestone with us you will receive a
stunning BodyRituals Jacket!!