11 Fitness Bucketlist Items You can do in 11 Months

Oct 20th, 2016

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11 Fitness Bucketlist Items You can do in 11 Months

Bucketlists are lists of things we would like to accomplish before we die. They often include things like visiting the pyramids, going white water rafting, and climbing Mt. Everest. Fitness bucketlists are typically designed with the same…do it before I die mentality. Fitness bucketlists include things like running a marathon, doing a triathalon, and scaling the tallest peaks. All great things to cross off our lists, but often appear so large in scale the only deadline we can decide on is to do them before we are…dead. This tends to leaves a lot of uncertainty, failure and ultimately “unfinished bucketlists”.

11 Fitness Bucketlist Items You can Finish in 11 Months

This is a fitness bucketlist of sorts. This was not put together with the intent of doing these items before you die. With some dedication, you can check off every item here within 11 months or so (way before you die). Each of the challenges listed below targets a different aspect of fitness, from endurance to flexibility and strength. The intent of this bucketlist is to improve your overall fitness and provide you with a “mighty stepping stone” to your ultimate personal fitness bucketlist.

This fitness bucketlist is for all levels. You may have to adjust some of the goals to suit your fitness level. Please feel free and contact us to help you


1) Do 25 pushups

For all you yogis out there – as important as a downdog pose is to yoga so is a push up to fitness. The pushup is classified as a compound exercise because it engages more than one major muscle group to do. By doing a single push up you are working on your biceps, core muscles, triceps, shoulders, lower body muscle groups, and even your cardio! This means – ladies can get rid of the jiggle behind the arms, improve yoga performance (ie stronger downdog), improve posture, prevent shoulder and back injuries, as well as increase bone density to reduce Osteoporosis.
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crossing the finish line

2) Finish a 10k

Did you know that gentle running is now sometimes prescribed as a way to alleviate mild depression symptoms? Have you heard of “Runner’s High” ? When running, not only will our metabolism kick into gear, but our brains produce endorphins making us feel on top of the world! A common item on many bucketlists is running a marathon. With little to no clue of how to train, most quit this one, after their first or second run. Here is a comprehensive guide to take you off the couch and get you ready for a 10k race.
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References – This is broken down by your current fitness level

Off the Couch and Walking 5k – click here for guide

Walking and Jogging 5k – click here for guide

Jogging 5k – click here for guide

Running 5k – click here for guide

Hello 10k – click here for guide

scenic cycle ride - 1st person view

3 Long-Distance Bike Tour

The world is much more grandiose when you get out there and ride! Develop the cardio, stamina, endurance, strength, and mental grit needed to trek 20 – 50+ miles! See the world, fight pollution, and even reduce your risk of death just by riding a bike. Oh, and did I mention the views? There are several avid cyclists at Body Rituals. Make a new friend and join a new club/group.
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looking into valley

4) Strenuous Hike

John Muir was onto something when he said, “In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.” According to a study in the International Journal for Sports Medicine, research is suggesting hiking can actually make you happier. Mankind has always associated mountains with challenges – ie climb every mountain, reaching the pinnacle, etc. Hiking not only improves your cardiovasular conditioning, but provides one-heck-of-a full body workout! Conquer your internal peaks by hiking over physical peaks. Start off with short and light trails and work your way on up (pun intended) ;). To conquer this challenge you will need to develop stamina, endurance, strength, flexibility, and mental grit. There are very few things that will provide you with the sense of accomplishment (and view) that hiking will.
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5) Balance on 1 Leg with eyes closed for 15 seconds

It’s important to work on your balance because it affects virtually everything you do from walking, sitting, standing, etc. There are three essential elements to balancing – alignment, strength, and attention. To balance anything at all you must align the center of gravity over the base of support to achieve balance. You will need strength to hold, and adjust your alignment. And focus (attention) to correct alignment at any given loss of balance.
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devyn gutierrez

6) Master an Advanced Yoga pose

There are several to choose from. Each one has it’s own list of benefits and challenges. What yoga pose has given you the most difficulty, and why? What pose did you see someone do, that left you wondering ‘how could I do that’? Speak with a yoga guide for guidance, support, and some wisdom. A conversation with an experienced yoga guide can yield several results for you such as – determining what is your goal pose, identifying your “trouble” areas, what poses you need to work at in order to do eventually master the advanced chosen pose, and ultimately be able to outline some daily rituals that will help you on your way.
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7) Perform a Hand or Head Stand

You’ve been doing yoga and working out for a while now, but you can’t seem to progress. This challenge might be the answer to your frustrations. In doing either a head or hand stand, you are simultaneously working on your balance, core, strength, focus, and even cardio. Besides, this is a great measuring stick to gauge where you are. Speak with a yoga guide and they can show you the way!
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2 people meditating at the beach

8) Stop all (Mental) Chatter for 60 minutes

A mind is a terrible thing to waste! With all of the distractions and competition for our attention, have you noticed you’re not as sharp as you used to be? Maybe somethings take a little longer to figure out, or do you suffer from constant “brain fog”? If our minds are in charge of the house, but distractions seemingly come in and out as they please, who is really in charge – you or the “chatter”? We have somewhere between 50,000 – 70,000 thoughts per day. Your mind goes thru each one and decides a level of significance to each thought. By the end of the day, no wonder you are exhausted. Sharpen your mind and free yourself of the constant “chatter”. Regain control. Our brains are literally responsible for every bit of our wellbeing. By clearing your mind periodically you will improve everything from your immune system, decrease inflamation (on a cellular level), to improved focus and clarity.
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7 minute stopwatch

9) Run a 7 minute mile

How long has it been since you’ve ran one of these? Walked? This challenge will greatly impact your stamina, cardiovascular system, strength, and more. You will also have to get used to everyone now calling you ‘Usain Bolt’ cause of your speed 🙂 Start off by timing yourself run it, walk it, crawl if you have to, but this will mark our starting point. In the beginning there will be a lot of walking, some jogging, and some running. In the weeks and months to come, this will quickly shift to just running! This goal will flow in conjunction with ‘finishing a 6k’. According to my math, you should be running at warp speed in no time!
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10) Do the splits

A lifelong dream of some, a distant memory to others – former dancers, gymnasts, and cheerleaders. Check with your doctor and make sure its ok for you to train to do this. It’s possible to tear tendons, cartilage, and muscles. Depending on your current level of flexibility this particular challenge could be very short (1-3 months) or long (9-11 months). How great will that be to once again be the Queen (or King) of the dance floor with your patented go-to move?!
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11) Hold a plank for 3 minutes

Superman used to train this way…on his way to becoming SUPER! Improve your posture, strengthen your core, prevent shoulder and back injuries, and improve your bone density all-in-one move! You may start this challenge from your knees, but look forward to the day where you plank tall! This challenge will also work in conjunction with the 25 push ups challenge. Get ready to enter an entirely different world of strength and fortitude.
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