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Classes are good for everything we offer-including Spinning®.

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90 Day Nutrition Plan

An exclusive opportunity, try out our 90 Day Nutrition Plan. Our health products are the best in the industry and will help you with your overall fitness goals.

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Power classes are our most advanced classes for those who are athletic and workout often. They will push you to the next level and keep you physically fit!

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Active classes will help you stay in the best shape. They are customized for those of you who are busy but do your best to keep healthy and active.

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Have you been to busy with life to work on your physical fitness? Well we have great news! Balance classes are designed to help you make fitness part of your life.

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Weight Loss

If you have been trying to loose those few extra pounds, then our weight loss program will steer you in the right direction in both nutrition and fitness!         

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90 Day Action Plan

Turn your Fitness life around with a 90 day action plan. Also, check out our 90 day Nutrition plan